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Tales of The Tea

Why Online Tea Marketplace Is a Better Platform to Get Your Favorite Tea?

Tea is a commonly popular beverage in India and abroad. You may have a habit of taking your favorite tea several times a day in different moods. Usually, we purchase tea from our local shop or online to get the exact tea leaves, fanning, or CTC of our choice. We would suggest you go to a trusted and renowned tea marketplace to get your tea without any hassles.

Online Tea marketplaces are a kind of tea boutiques where you can purchase a particular kind of tea at a standard pack size and at a competitive rate, too. All you need to do is check whether the particular marketplace is offering your favorite tea products from reliable sources or not. There are more advantages, also.

Let us discuss why it is better for you to choose the right tea marketplace for your tea:

  1. Proper Product:

Tea marketplaces usually have certain categories where you can choose from tea ranges of different qualities, prices, and quantity packs from different renowned tea gardens. If you visit one such marketplace, you will find your tea in garden-fresh quality. Here, you can learn about numerous tea variations and choose your preferred one from there with detailed information about it. 

  1. Fresh Tea from The Garden: 

As these teas are collected directly from processing centers of famous tea gardens and delivered to you directly without any interference after packaging, there is no question of impurity in your favorite tea. Here, you can get the products with authorized branding with the source garden’s name to be more confident about the source and purity. 

  1. Required Package Volume:

 If you are going for high-quality Darjeeling teaa, it is difficult to get in a smaller pack at a competitive price as these are high-priced products. Authorized tea marketplaces collect tea from the garden and can deliver it to you in expected-sized packs for their direct selling authority, even in 50 or 100 g packs, but at affordable prices. 

  1. Competitive Price: 

Similarly, you can enjoy a standard competitive price for your tea as it is not coming through different hands in the middle. Direct online purchasing from an online tea marketplace gives you the freedom to choose top-quality tea packs at a lower price benefit. Moreover, you can enjoy many online offers for discounts in different modes at different times to enjoy. 

  1. On-time Home Delivery:

The online tea marketplaces can help you to have your tea package delivered to your home within a few days, which is 1 – 4, depending on the distance. You can have the rumors like the price extension for shipping charges. However, this is negligible, considering the distance, time, and the exact product that may not be available at your local shop at your expected price and amount. 

  1. Product Security:

Please be informed that these products are well protected with compensation facilities according to their return and refund policy for any on-route damage you receive. Usually, these facilities are entertained from the marketplace within a few days – the best possible time. 

  1. Easy System to Handle: 

After going through the previous points, you may think that this system may not be your ‘cup of tea’ if you are not very tech-savvy or not very much habituated with online shopping systems. Believe me, this is easy. There are helplines to receive your calls or messages to talk and chat with you to help make orders, inform you of shipping status, new offers, tea-making process, and many more. Even you can enjoy some ‘cash-on-delivery’ system in India as well. 

  1. Exposure to Latest Information:

You can always get the latest information about new tea product launches, price and package updates, updates from the gardens, and much technical information about tea from dedicated online tea marketplaces, their tea blogs, newsletters, and social media platforms. Often, these are not available in offline markets or general online stores instantly. 

  1. Tea Making Methods: 

Being an authorized and dedicated tea merchandiser, the tea marketplace support system is always ready to help you find the right tea brand for you. Every tea has a different kind of soaking, covering, sweetening, and milk-adding system (if needed) according to variations. They can also guide you about the proper tea-making process of the tea you purchased to get maximum flavor and taste out of it. 

  1. Right Accessories for Your Tea: 

Another advantage of a dedicated tea marketplace is it can provide you right accessories for your favorite tea making. It is something like using a perfect glass for the right drink. You may need to have a porcelain or glass tea set, tea cozy, tea kettles, tea strainer, a set of spoons, or something else. You can have a good collection of such required accessories in a dedicated online tea marketplace at a reasonable offer.


There are several advantages of purchasing your Darjeeling teaa from dedicated online tea marketplaces. However, make sure about where you are putting your hand. There are a few things to be checked well before you make a purchase, like the payment method, return and refund policy, alignment with the tea gardens, availability and range of teas, and valuable feedback from the consumers.

Remember, tea is a very exotic product to purchase, prepare and consume. It defines your taste, your culture, and your consumer behavior. So, we would recommend you make a wise decision to purchase the best quality tea you prefer from the best tea platform you can afford.


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